Playing Golf For Money is now a Thing at MGM Casino!

There's been much talk over the past few years of how Vegas casinos can bring in new customers and provide entertainment for a new generation of visitors. It's no secret that millennials don't have the same casino gaming tastes as their predecessors and while ma and pa may enjoy slots and casino table games, they don't quite pull in the younger crowds who are looking for a more immersive gaming experience...and MGM along with Golfstream may have at least part of the solution.

Making a bet with your buddies out on the course is no new thing, and for many players it's part and parcel of the fun, and Golfstream have taken that concept and brought it to the MGM Casino in Las Vegas. Younger casino visitors are looking for more skill based games, and combining that with gambling appears to be the way in which games development companies such as Golfstream are moving, and in the new Level Up area of the MGM you can now enjoy the world's first laser golf course.

In the awesome Golfstream Suite you can hit the virtual greens and fairways of many of the world's best courses, testing your driving, putting and chipping skills and there are many different tournament types available. You may play closest to the pin and longest drive competitions and the imagery and tech behind it all looks stunning, with up to 10 players allowed in on the action at a time...plenty of room for you and your buddies.

That's more what millennials are looking for when visiting a casino, in fact the MGM Level UP area is now full of these sorts of games and mixes them up with superb arcade games with a Frogger game that you can actually gamble on! You can also chill with a game of beer pong or play Pac Man in what is the type of new casino area that many believe is the future for a whole lot of visitors.