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Esports betting is now a part of the game and for fans of Dota 2, League of Legends, Counter Strike, Starcraft 2 and more, it adds an extra dimension to your enjoyment of esports competition. The huge growth of international esports tournaments and challenges has led to an explosion in it’s popularity and there’s a whole load of esports games players and fans that bet real money esports.

Esports betting online is simple, safe and secure and it provides plenty of action, and with the sheer amount of worldwide competitions that now take place there’s always something to get your money on, with the best online sportsbooks now providing lines for real money Dota 2 betting, LOL betting and plenty more, in fact, where there’s competition, there will be betting available.

Competitive computer gaming is enjoyed by so many players around the world and the elite gamers, those who take their game to the big stage provide the thrills, while the online sportsbooks provide the lines that allow you to get even more involved. If you’re new to online betting on esports then you’ll find that placing your bets and enjoying the action is a breeze and here at World Games we’ll provide you with honest reviews on the best esports betting sites as well as info on where the action is taking place.

There are no complex esports bets as it’s all about the outright winner, and when betting esports with real cash, that outright winner could be you!