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Esports betting is now a part of the game and for fans of Dota 2, League of Legends, Counter Strike, Starcraft 2 and more, it adds an extra dimension to your enjoyment of esports competition. The huge growth of international esports tournaments and challenges has led to an explosion in it's popularity and there's a whole load of esports games players and fans that bet real money esports.

Esports betting online is simple, safe and secure and it provides plenty of action, and with the sheer amount of worldwide competitions that now take place there's always something to get your money on, with the best online sportsbooks now providing lines for real money Dota 2 betting, LOL betting and plenty more, in fact, where there's competition, there will be betting available.

Competitive computer gaming is enjoyed by so many players around the world and the elite gamers, those who take their game to the big stage provide the thrills, while the online sportsbooks provide the lines that allow you to get even more involved. If you're new to online betting on esports then you'll find that placing your bets and enjoying the action is a breeze and here at World Games we'll provide you with honest reviews on the best esports betting sites as well as info on where the action is taking place.

There are no complex esports bets as it's all about the outright winner, and when betting esports with real cash, that outright winner could be you!

World Games - Your Best Bet in Online Sportsbetting!

Have you ever taken an interest in sports, or esports? Pretty much everybody is into something like that, and between digital and real world games, that tends to cover everybody. More fun than playing the games and watching them is often putting down some money on them and getting rich. If that sounds like fun to you, and you are looking to make your existing time playing or watching esports in real world sports, then finding a good sports book he should be at the top of your to do list.

Only the Best eSports Betting Sites

There are many different ways to bet around the Internet, each having their own ups and downs and caveats. We have gone over many of them so you don't have to, and will give you the lowdown here to save you some time and money and avoiding the bad ones.

Pinnacle eSports

This is a pioneering site in the eSports the blow up onto the gambling scene, offering a highly modern and revamped way of interacting with a bookie that is a lot less shady than going behind a bar. All of these sites are of course completely legal, but this one really embraces sportsbetting, and takes it into the 21st-century. With a very modern design and method of taking deposits, this is definitely the slickest looking at the bunch.

Bovada eSports

If you want to say it that's more focused on trying to give you information to make the most productive bets you can, this is the one for you. They go deep into the teams and analyze their winning histories, giving you updated real time odds that you can trust. They also have various charts and graphs to show you trends, and will keep you up-to-date on anything that happens which may concern and event. This is the most information heavy of all the sites, and the one that people mostly interested in the money will like the most.


BetBaller SportsbookIf your interest is mostly around betting on traditional sports, this is probably going to be your new homepage. Much like the other eSports sites we talked about, this one is offering you a real time data and lines by seasoned veterans in calculating them. It also has a fairly good Mobile layout, and works across all devices.

Nitrogen Sports

One of the latest contenders, this is somewhat like the Ferrari of the betting sites. With less of an eSports focus and a bigger emphasis being placed on anything requiring physical force, we pick this as our favorite as veterans in the industry. It is not something we thought we would say considering how steep the competition is, but whether you are new to sports betting or have been doing it for a while, this tends to be one that people gravitate towards.


Based on the popularity you provided by our users, Bovada esports is the most popular of all these. It is the one that the fans have chosen, and the one that most people will like we feel most comfortable with, although we personally like some of the other ones better.

Best NBA Fantasy Sites

Basketball is definitely more fun with money on the table, and many websites have come to the table to help facilitate your bets. We take the guesswork out of finding the best one for you, having surveyed all of the different NBA fantasy sites on the Internet and pick the ones that you should join. They're all great, but we will let you know in depth what they have to offer so you can make a more informed choice.

Best MLB Fantasy Site

Although basketball is definitely more popular than many of these other sports, baseball still has a soft place in our heart from our childhood. Going around to the different baseball fantasy betting sites has been a pleasure for us, and we will give you the spoils of that effort by breaking down each and everyone of them so you don't have to. All of them are pretty good time if you're looking for fellow baseball fans, however, if feature people interested in the sport from all over the world.

Sportsbook Fantasy Football

Despite only being played in America, football is still a popular contender from all the most popular sports on the planet. Considering it's somewhat limited in popularity to America, it's actually quite admirable that so many people are interested in betting on it! We will tell you the best sites the bet on, which promotions are going on, and give you a good basis for comparison with trying to find a new place to call your fantasy football home!

Best NHL Fantasy Sites

In real life, hockey never gets enough love. On the Internet, however, there are many adoring fans making fantasy teams the world over that are talking about each other and betting on it. We have surveyed the many different ways to bet on the ice, and have taken the time to tell you which are more worth your time. If you are in a betting nerd and looking to win a lot of money, then we recommend heading over to our NHL area to see which ones would be the best fit for you.

Bet on StarCraft 2

Arguably the game that started esports itself, StarCraft remains one of the most popular things to bet on in the entire esports industry. The sequel itself has many players vying for the top spot, with different teams constantly going up and down in the rankings. You can bet on it here, and we will give you enough info to decide which team has the best odds and is worthy of your hard earned money.

Bet DotA 2

Numbers don't lie, DotA is one of the most popular battle arena strategy games on that. Although you can't make it to the matches in person, you sure as hell can bet on them on the Internet! Betting on DotA to it will be all the easier once you know which websites support it, and provide you the safest opportunity for betting on it.

StarCraft Betting

We are as surprised as you are that people are playing the original StarCraft, given how popular the sequel has become. It still remains that definitive eSports title, however, and has pretty good odds all year around late out by bookies. If you'd like to get in on some of that all school action, will tell you where to do it, and I will guide you to which teams will win!

Political Betting

Having become a sport in and of itself, you can bet on the outcome of political events too. At world of games, you will be able to find sites to bet on pretty much anything, including who will become the next president, and either in the outcome of things like the impeachment. If you want to put your money where your political mouth is, will help you do so shortly!

No matter what games you're into, even if they're just a political nature, will help you find sites the burden in all categories. Esports, football, the NHL, and anything else you can imagine is all fair game to win money on around here!