Fantasy Sports

Playing real money fantasy sports is now legal all across the US and so many people are getting themselves involved. Unlike dreary offline and old school fantasy sports contests where you’d pick your team then sit and wait all season making a few lineup changes here and there, the new Daily Fantasy Sports sites offer you instant action, instant excitement and instant cash wins.

Real money fantasy sports is booming with million dollar paydays, thousands of leagues open every single day and fantastic software that allows you to pick your team, join a league and play within just a few seconds. For small buy ins you will have access to daily leagues and contests that payout millions of dollars every week, with the best US fantasy sports sites providing non stop action.

Whether you wish to play fantasy football, baseball, basketball or soccer it’s all available just as soon as you choose where to play and get your account registered. Many fantasy sports sites will also give you option of playing for free, and while that gives you a taste of what’s available and to get to know the drill, there’s no escaping the fact that it matters so much more when there’s money on it!

FanDuel - FanDuel delivers a huge selection of over 20,000 leagues every day. Getting your team drafted and good to go is a walk in the park and you’ll get instant payouts as soon as leagues are done. With over $10 Million paid out each week, FanDuel is huge, and getting bigger.

DraftKings - Draft Kings provides huge amounts of fantasy sports leagues, allows you to create your own and challenge your friends and even offers fantasy golf! The easy to use software allows you to see each league clearly in the lobby area, and getting in the mix is simple and fast.

Victiv - StarsDraft (Victiv) allows you to get going simply and quickly and delivers all that you need for great daily fantasy sports action. With heaps of leagues, great promotions and a growing player base, Victiv is a smaller site, but quickly catching up.