Bet on Counter Strike

Players have been known to say that Counter Strike (CS: GO) is one of the more established and best first shooter games, although, there are players who are just interested in loads of cash able to be won through Counter Strike betting. As of right now, it is actually seen as being a very popular selection when it comes to Esports. Just like it was with the older series of Counter Strike games, in this CS: GO there is a group of terrorists and of course an opposite band of terrorists. Both of the groups fight in order to take over the map or in order to complete the assigned tasks. CS: GO is a pretty decent option for players and watchers to use, mostly because of the fast-paced action and their ability to make sure every game lover will be able to find the good in the game. For those who are able to find fun in obtaining or seeing firearms, this game also seems to have a lot going for it when it comes to fine details and the customization that goes along with weapon skills and variety.

Counter Strike Betting Sites

Mr Green

For players looking to make some extra green while doing some Counter Strike betting, Mr Green is a great place to start. They are a very well-known and highly respected European betting site that were founded 2008. The company was actually founded by the Swedish entrepreneurs Henrik Bergquist, Frederik Sidfalk, Mikael Pawlo. The betting site was first begun as a casino online, since that time, they have earned some experience points and moved up in the industry, improving their site for their customers.


Betway was actually started in 2006. Since they began their site, they have become one of the best entertainment platforms around. They offer their players a large list of categories to choose from, such as Poker, Bingo, Sports and Casino. Their group is currently based in Malta and Guernsey in addition to having support in London. They are currently making their way to the top and attempting to become the best betting site around the world and online. That is why they are such a great choice to go with when it comes to Counter Strike betting and any other types of betting too.