What is Real Money Fantasy Sports?

What is real money fantasy sports? Quite simply put, real money fantasy sports is an exciting way of making money. Virtually every sports fan enjoys playing fantasy sports. If you're unfamiliar with fantasy sports, how it works is you pick a roster and receive a certain amount of points based on how the players on your roster perform. For example, for fantasy football, you will receive points for rushing yards, touchdown passes, receptions, etc.

Fantasy sports competitions are fun but can often lead to great profits if you're good at it. Making money playing fantasy sports requires some skill, or at least more skill than your competitors. There are a lot of skilled fantasy players out there, so if you plan on making money, you'll need to study up on the athletes so you draft a competitive team. The goal is to draft a roster that scores more points than the other players in your league. If you do that, you will win money. That's the basic gist of it. Let's take a look at real money fantasy sports in detail.

The Two Main Types of Real Money Fantasy Sports Leagues

Most are aware of traditional fantasy sports and, chances are you've been playing fantasy sports for years. In traditional fantasy sports, you draft a roster prior to the start of a season. You select players based on how you expect them to perform throughout the entire season. When a player underperforms or gets injured, you have to replace him with a free-agent or make a trade with a competitor. Traditional fantasy sports is based on your team's performance throughout the season.

There is another type of fantasy sports that has become extremely popular in recent years. We're talking about daily fantasy sports. This is quite different from traditional fantasy sports. Here's how it works. You don't draft a roster to last the entire season. Instead, you stick with a roster for one day. You enter daily competitions and earn money based on how your roster performs on that day. The next day, you can enter a completely different competition with a completely different roster. There are two popular daily fantasy sports websites - FanDuel and DraftKings. These sites have daily competitions starting at less than a buck all the way up to more than $1,000. You can legitimately win big bucks if you become skilled.

What is the Best Type of Real Money Fantasy Sports Game to Play?

This is a difficult question because it all depends on preference. You can play both traditional and daily fantasy sports if you prefer. Let's take a look at the advantages and disadvantages of both types of games and then you can decide for yourself. The major advantage to playing daily fantasy sports is the quick payouts. Competitions only last one day so you will receive your money the following day. When it comes to traditional fantasy sports, you have to wait until the end of the season to get paid, in most cases.

The advantage to playing traditional fantasy sports is many of your competitors won't be willing to commit time to keeping their roster in good shape. This makes for some pretty easy money. What you'll discover is certain players in your league will draft a roster, work on setting their roster accordingly for a few weeks, and then quit playing the game for various reasons (i.e. bored of it). Skilled fantasy sports players pounce on these opponents.

Another advantage to playing traditional fantasy sports is the excitement of a fantasy draft. Many people enjoy getting together with competitors at a sports bar or friends house to drink beer, eating chicken wings, and draft teams sort of like the NFL Draft. In daily fantasy sports, there are no pre-season drafts. Instead, you select a lineup each day online within a specified salary cap. Both types of real money fantasy sports are enjoyable. Deciding which is best for you depends on personal preference.