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Looking for the best daily fantasy sports website? You may have found it with FanDuel. Sure, they have a formidable competitor in DraftKings but, after testing out FanDuel, the evidence isn’t conclusive enough to determine which site is the best. We suggest trying both out for yourself and making that determination. We’ve tried both and absolutely love both. With that said, we want to give you detailed information in this FanDuel review so you can determine if you’re interested in joining this site or trying something else.

FanDuel has been around for quite some time and continues to get bigger and better. They aren’t DraftKing’s red-headed step-child by any means. They are so confident you’re going to love the games that they’ll give you your money back if you decide, after your first league, the site is lame. They make that guarantee because they know very few will want a refund.

What is FanDuel?

Many of our readers are new to the whole daily fantasy sports scene. Some of you have been playing fantasy football, baseball, and basketball for years and are used to season-long commitments. Sites such as FanDuel have changed the game a bit, offering real money daily fantasy games where players don’t have to commit to a roster for an entire season. You build your lineup for one day and payouts are based on results for that one day.

The advantage of daily fantasy – and the reason the game has become so popular – is you’re never stuck with an underperforming roster. Contests last just one day. So let’s say you enter a traditional fantasy football competition and half your roster comes down with an ACL tear. You’ll be forced to scramble to find undrafted players that won’t get you enough points. With daily fantasy games on FanDuel, that won’t ever be a problem since you won’t be committed to your roster for more than a day.

FanDuel pays out more than $10 million in cash every week. Yes, this site is THAT popular. You can enter competitions for as little as $1. They offer fantasy sports games for baseball, basketball, football, soccer, hockey, auto racing, golf, etc. You don’t have to wait all season long to get paid. Payouts are made following the completion of each daily contest. There are literally thousands of contests each day for casual fantasy sports players and high rollers. There is no standard fantasy draft. Instead, you select players within a set salary cap for each contest.

FanDuel Review – Deposits and Withdrawals

FanDuel is, essentially, legalized gambling. While most forms of online gambling are illegal in many countries such as the United States, daily fantasy sports games are completely legal. Therefore, funding your FanDuel account won’t be a problem. Banks don’t decline FanDuel transactions like they do online gambling sites since the US government doesn’t consider daily fantasy games as a form of online gambling.

The account funding process is very simple. You sign-up for your account at FanDuel and then determine how much you money you want to start with. Next, choose your deposit option (PayPal, Visa, MasterCard, Discover Card). How much should you deposit? That depends on the stakes you want to play. But take into consideration you receive a 100% match bonus on your first deposit, so it’s not a bad idea to put a few extra bucks into your initial deposit in order to get more free money.

FanDuel does an excellent job of getting winners their money quickly. As mentioned earlier, contests last just one day, so payouts are credited to your account within a day. You can then request a payout in the form of a check, PayPal, or right back to your credit/debit card. In most cases, payments are processed right away and then received in your bank account/via check within 7 business days, often sooner.

FanDuel Review – Conclusion

Daily fantasy sports is an exciting game, and FanDuel is arguably the best place to play. They have competitions for casual and hardcore fantasy sports fans. FanDuel is a trustworthy site with thousands of satisfied customers. They payout winners quickly and offer some entertaining competitions for all sports. You should definitely try out FanDuel and see for yourself that FanDuel isn’t just hype.