GGPoker Room

When it comes to outstanding poker games, cash and rewards, GGPoker Kk, more than lives up to the billing.

About GGPoker UK

Table games, specifically the outstanding poker games, is the name of the game at GGPoker UK. Classic poker is on the menu, but the fun is the numerous ways you can play these games. You only get eight blinds to play these games, but you can either play them through the All In method or fold.

About The All In Method

Exclusive for both Hold'Em and Omaha titles, every time you opt to All In, you become eligible for the All In Jackpot. There's no time to breath, as soon as one hand ends, the next one begins with no breaks in between. Also while playing in All In mode, you can remove chips from the table.

And when it comes to the All In Fold Jackpot, no less than 50% of the overall player fee will go towards the jackpot. To hit this illusive jackpot while playing Hold'Em, you have to score a straight flush by using both of the hole cards you've been dealt with. And if you are playing Omaha, you will have to at least a royal flush with both of your hole cards as well.

About The Tournaments

GGPoker UK is rich in tournament games. Every day, up to $100,000 is up for grabs for the numerous daily tournaments. And on Sundays, that will double to $200,000. And for those out for blood, every day, this casino offers the Bounty Hunters tournament where through a series of knockout tournaments, you can earn special cash prizes every time you knockout an opponent through this tournament, and that amount can double on Sundays. And when it comes to the free rollers, GGPoker UK offers free entry to select tournaments via the Chinese Zodiac Free roll program where the winners receive avatar symbols on top of cash and prizes.

About The Promotions

GGPoker UK extends the utmost courtesy to its new members by offering a 200% matching bonus on your first deposit up to a maximum of $1,000. And for every challenge you overcome every two weeks, you can earn up to $250 worth of frequency free roll. And every week, you can boost your account via the depositor free rolls initiative. You can also compete for over $400 worth of prizes via this promotions as well. And not to be overlooked is the Cookie Free rolls promotion, where if you gain 10 fortune cookies, you can become eligible to carve your share of a $30,000 month prize.