FanPicks is an online sportsbook website that focuses on making fantasy teams of players to try and unlock the most points from the games throughout the day. This fantasy-league style of wagering is exciting, immersive and requires more thinking than simply choosing a standard team to win or lose. That's why many gamblers are drawn to FanPicks and similar websites to it over more traditional sportsbooks.

Quickly Make a New Account

Creating an account at FanPicks is quick and easy to do. You simply need to click on the "Sign Up" button and then enter in your personal information. Once you do that you can submit your new account information and finalize the creation of your account. Once it's created you can make a real money deposit and start placing wagers and trying to win some money. Make the right wagering decisions and you could win big from this sportsbook website. It's an exciting tool with lots of different features to offer.

Fantasy Sports Betting

FanPicks is one of the largest fantasy sports betting sites and it offers support for a wide range of sporting events such as basketball, football, baseball, soccer, hockey and more. With so many different leagues covered by the site it's simple to take part in wagering events on a daily basis while at FanPicks.

No eSports Betting

There is no support for wagering on eSports competitions such as CounterStrike Go or League of Legends. Gamblers that are interested in wagering on those contests should look at other betting sites to meet that need instead. There are plenty of options available and many of them offer excellent coverage for eSporting events.

Wager on Worldwide Sporting Events

With coverage for many of the most popular sports from around the world there are plenty of opportunities to place wagers on the biggest sporting events from all around the globe. Interested players can get involved with exciting events from around the world and they can do so easily.

Enticing Promotional Offers

New and long-time members of FanPicks can unlock exciting promotional offers that make being members of the sportsbook even better. The new gamblers can get up to $25 free and also access a 110% deposit match bonus. Over time those same players can unlock freerolls, special ongoing deposit bonuses, a chance to unlock rewards from bringing in new friends and more. The bonus offers are constantly changing and evolving and there's a little bit of something for everyone.

Good Solid Mobile Support

This sportsbook offers excellent mobile support and makes it simple to place wagers while away from home. Interested gamblers can start placing bets and making the most of the excellent mobile support. There are multiple apps available to make use of and those apps can be relied on to access the different sportsbook features simply.

Android and Apple Apps

There are apps available for Android and Apple devices for gamblers that want to place wagers while on the go. Both of these apps are simple to download and they're powerful tools for using all the features available on the site. Players that want to wager while on the go will love access to these two powerful tools as long as they have a compatible device.

Excellent Odds

FanPicks offers players a good range of betting odds that give them a solid chance to win prize payouts. The players can place a range of different wager types and decide on the odds they want as well as the potential payout possible. With so many different levels of odds to work with

Unlock up to $25 Free

As a new player at FanPicks it's possible to get started with $25 in free money for wagering. This is easy to do by relying on the welcome bonus and meeting the minimum requirements for it. Gamblers that are interested in getting started without spending their own money immediately can do so by joining through the welcome program.

A Huge Range of Limits

Even though FanPicks isn't a traditional sportsbook it does offer a good range of betting limits for players of different levels. That means that low-stakes players are able to wager for an amount they're comfortable with while the high-rollers can place bigger wagers and try for a larger payout in the end. No matter what sort of player is placing wagers it's possible to do so at a comfortable level.

See the Sportsbook Betting Trends

To help improve your wagering capabilities and success, this site offers access to betting trends information along with odds themselves. With a quick glance it's easy to see what other people have been wagering on and to use that information to help improve results. Bet against the trends, or use them to help guide your decisions and rely on the masses to help with wagering. Either way, additional information is a good thing and that's another perk of playing at FanPicks.

FanPicks offers Basic Banking Tools

As a player at FanPicks you have several different banking tools to make use of. This includes credit and debit cards like Visa and MasterCard as well as PayPal and cryptocurrency options. You can you're your initial deposit with as little as $10 to work with or you can deposit thousands of dollars to get started on the site. After unlocking some decent wins it's a simple process to go through one of the available withdrawal methods as well.

An Active Forum

FanPicks has a full forum that players can join up with to talk with one another. This powerful forum gives gamblers a place to go to be part of the community. Simply go through the Forum link, join and start talking with the other gamblers that enjoy playing at FanPicks. Every member of the betting site is free to join and participate in the forum which helps to build a community of friends around the betting action.

Poor Customer Service

While many sportsbooks are focused heavily on offering top-level customer service that's not the case with FanPicks. The site offers the bare minimum level of support for players. There's a help form that gamblers can fill out to explain the problems they are facing. After that the support team will get back to them via email and help resolve the issue. It's a slower support system and there's no phone line, no live chat or no alternative options other than email to work with.

FanPicks is a well-made website and betting platform that offers access to most sporting events available today. Join the site for yourself and start placing wagers and trying to get some wins. You'll be impressed by just how immersive the site is and how entertaining and rewarding it can be to place wagers on it.