Betting On League of Legends

League of Legends (LOL) is recognized as one of the most played online multiplayer video games right now, so, it is no wonder that betting on League of Legends gains additional fans on an almost daily basis. If you are interested in betting on League of Legends, but you find you may need some basic help on how this whole thing works, we suggest you read the guide below:

Game Summary:

League of Legends is a strategy game, developed by RIOT Games; it has four different modes, but the most popular one is Summoner's Rift, where two teams of five players each, battle with the goal of taking each other's base and destroyingthe enemy Nexus. The competition takes place in an arena, called the Spawning Pool, which shows three main lanes, the bottom one called pot, the mid (middle) and the top lanes, in between each lane there's a jungle where many dangerous monsters await. When a player first joins he has to pick a "champion", there are a wide variety to choose from each of which features different skills, strengths and even personality. Each player has to go up in levels, which is achieved by completing objectives set for them and killing the enemies of course, they are rewarded with goldwhich can be used to unlock different abilities and get stronger as the game progresses; they can also buy items from the shop with the same purpose. Reaching level 6 is considered a milestone since this basically means you have already mastered the basics of the game;there are 30 levels total. It's important to note that this game is Free to play, although,of course, there are upgrades you can pay for while in-play.

League of Legends has a ranking system both for the individual players and/or the teams, there's a huge community that holds tournaments and different events in a professional eSport scene, most eSports are now streamed online on platforms such as, which makes it easier to follow, and some you may even be able to catch on ESPN3. The biggest tournament is the League of Legends World Championship, but there are plenty of others for you to choose from. Some Great Betting Sites online have also taken on the challenge of featuring eSports Gaming as one of their products.

Betting on League of Legends

You may bet on League of Legends in good online sportsbooks and all major international LOL tournaments and competitions will have lines available. Getting registered and placing your bets is simple and you'll also be provided with great esports betting info too. For US residents then we recommend Bovada esports and for non US players then Pinnacle esports is a great option.

When you bet on LOL there are several types of bets to choose from, you can bet on the outcome of a single event for instance, or,the outcome of an entire tournament or league, some even offer League of Legends proposition bets. If you are familiar with fantasy games and bracket contests you will find betting on eSports easy. However, in order to be successful in your betting experience as with any other sport, understanding and studying the game is key, you must follow the teams and their strategy and of course the champions, stay up to date in the news, stats and results of each tournament, these all will all allow you to pick properly. The offer of bets will change from shop to shop and sometimes from region to region.