Betting On Dota 2

Online video games are nothing new, they have been around for a while, but the concept of betting online on eSports is relatively new, bookmakers are expanding their offer on eSports betting thus making it the best time to learn all about it and take advantage of this new concept. US Dota 2 betting is offered at the quality online sportsbook of Bovada and for non US players we recommend Pinnacle esports.

Game Basics:

Take DotA 2 as an example: this multiplayer online battle-arena (MOBA) developed by Valve Corporation is one of the preferred options for gamblers looking to spice up their online video game experience. DotA 2 or Defense of the Ancients 2 was released in 2013, it's available for PC, Mac and Linux and it features incredibly clean 3D graphics. The game is played with two teams of five players each; it's a strategy game in which each team has the ultimate goal of destroying the others' base, one base is the Radiant and the other is the Dire.

When you start a new game you start at level one and you have to build up through level 25. Characters are known as "Heroes" and you get to choose the hero from over a hundred options depending on whether you want to go with strength, agility or intelligence. The arena is divided in three lanes, top, middle and bottom; a river runs through the middle, the arena of course is filled with dangers that you have to overcome. Heroes gain experience and level up by being close to something that dies, or by killing other characters, yes, just like that, Heroes also earn gold that they can use to buy items at the fountains. This game can be played for FREE, and it has a LEARN tab for beginners and a "Create a Lobby" option that will allow first time players to get a hang of the game before competing against other real players.

There's close to a million players of DotA2 and the number keeps increasing, tournaments are very popular and the size of prize pools keeps escalating year after year.

eSport betting

Whether you enjoy playing the game yourself or you rather sit by and watch others play, you can always add excitement by placing some action in the game. Make sure to stay informed of the DotA 2 tournaments that are taking place, do your research, as with regular sports you need to be familiarized with the game and its players, and also of course check out what odds and options you find interesting, remember you can gamble on match outcomes or on a team you think will win, or how far that team will go in a tournament, you can also bet on props, on how many kills in total, for example, and many other options.

Don't be afraid of stepping into the wonderful world of eSports betting, as with any other sport you will get acquainted with the mechanics of it very fast and soon you will be enjoying the thrill of these matches.